Emulators and Tools

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Emulators and Tools


A7800 and MAME

A7800_Emulator is a fork of the 7800 driver in MAME, and an emulator with hardware-accurate 7800 emulation. For this reason its the recommended platform for developers. (in addition to real hardware, of course) With a less accurate emulator, it's easy to create games that won't be able to run on real hardware.

A7800 includes the MAME Debugger.


BupSystem Emulator is another good emulator for the 7800. BupSystem is a Windows-based emulator, and has an interface that's similar to the now-obsolete ProSystem Emulator.


JS7800 is a good javascript-based emulator, originally based on ProSystem emulator, but unlike Prosystem, it's updated and well maintained. Featuring online high-score tables.


Don't use ProSystem if you can help it. It's not maintained anymore, uses game-specific kludges to cover up flaws as best it can. It's better to use one of the previously mentioned emulators.

Flash Carts

Concerto Cart

The Concerto flash cart can run all of the 7800 commercial library, and most homebrew titles. Concerto has a focus on being a flexible yet cost-effective solution, and is typically paired with a pokey or hokey soundchip. Concerto is presently available for sale, and it receives regular firmware updates.

DragonFly Cart

The DragonFly cart is also able to run all of the 7800 commercial library, and most homebrew titles. DragonFly has support for exotic soundchips, like the YM2151 and Covox. DragonFly isn't currently available for sale, though it still does receive firmware updates

Cuttle Cart 2

The Cuttle Cart 2 is able to run all of the 7800 commercial library, and many homebrew titles. The Cuttle Cart 2 was the first flash cart for the 7800, and had a socket for a pokey sound chip. The Cuttle Cart 2 isn't currently available for sale, and rarely receives firmware updates. (from the community)

Development Tools


DASM, an assembler for the 6502 and other processors, is distributed with the 7800AsmDevKit. Its documentation is here.


7800header is distributed with 7800basic and the 7800AsmDevKit. Its a stand-alone command-line menu-driven program that can be used to add or modify A78 headers on ROM images.


7800sign is a utility by Bruce Tomlin, and distributed with 7800basic and the 7800AsmDevKit. Its used to cryptographically sign 7800 ROM images, so they will run on real hardware.

Hardware Diagnosis

7800 Utility Cart

The 7800UtilityCart is a 7800 ROM that will display information about your 7800, provide joystick test, display color bars, test internal and external RAM, test sound chips, and manage your AtariVox and HSC devices.