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Atari 7800 Development Wiki Home

Welcome to the Atari 7800 Development wiki! This site aims to be the definitive source for accurate and up-to-date information on programming the Atari 7800 console. If you're interested in 7800 homebrew programming, you've come to the right place!

You can begin by checking out one of the links presented in the next section, or you may use the wiki search function to quickly find information on a specific topic.

Wiki Sections

The 7800 Software Guide
An updated version of the documentation originally produced by Atari and GCC. Several inaccuracies have been discovered and corrected, and new sections have been added.

The 7800 Minnie sound chip
An overview of GCC's innovative sound chip that was going to be used as the 7800 in-cart sound solution.

A quick way to get started with programming the 7800 using assembly language. All the tools you need to create a game, cross-platform and available for multiple OSes. is the official home of the 7800AsmDevKit.

A quick way to get started with programming the 7800 using a higher level language. 7800basic is a compiled language, designed for efficiency. is the official home of 7800basic.

7800 Tutorials and Guides
Covers more advanced 7800 topics.

Emulators and Tools
Covers information on tools useful to the 7800 developer.