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This is my update to batari Basic. I've added the 64k/64kSC cart format to it, fixed a number of bugs, and added a bunch of features to DPC+ games. (all of the DPC+ additions have been documented at )

Windows, Linux, and OS X 32-bit x86 binaries are included, which are compatible with the 64-bit versions of the OSes. For other CPUs and other Unix-like OSes, you should be able to type "make" in the main directory to rebuild the binaries, assuming a recent C compiler, make, and lex/flex are installed.

The included samples directory has a 64kbb.bas 64k cart example, as well as a 64kSC.bas 64kSC superchip cart example.


If you wish to check for common bB source code errors, you may also wish to also download bblint: To use bblint with vbb, just place it in the vbb directory. Usage from command-line is simply "bblint yourprogram.bas"