Tune2600 Introduction

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Tune2600 is a utility for finding optimum TIA note frequencies, created by Thomas Jentzsch. When provided a list of notes used in your composition, Tune2600 will return corresponding TIA notes that are transposed so they are most in-tune.

Tune2600 is a DOS command-line utility, and notes are provided with a command-line argument.

The /n parameter defines the notes. The format is {Note[#]Octave} or i.e. c4d4f#4e5. You may enter up to 32 notes.

The /f parameter defines how much the frequency of the result may vary from the input notes. A value of 100 equals one octave.

With /d you can change the maximum variation of the difference between two notes. The normal difference between two half notes is 2^(1/12)-1 (~6%). You shouldn't use to high values here (<10), or the result might not sound good.

The /s parameter activates an additional step, which sometimes might improve the results. But this is very slow, especially if you enter a lot of notes.

DOWNLOAD: Tune2600.zip


Tune2600 was ported to a web application by Kirk Isreal, and dubbed WebTune2600. To use WebTune2600, visit the WebTune2600 page, select the notes you wish to use in your composition, and hit the "Calculate Matching 2600 Values" button. The resulting TIA values you should use in your composition will be displayed.